Step #3 to Recovering Your Authentic Child: Self-Care

It seems impossible at times to think about self-care when you are in the midst of parental alienation. But what if I told you that taking care of yourself would help you recover your authentic children? Why? Because you can’t solve a problem that requires your 100% sanity and presence without being mentally and physically healthy. Self-care requires you to take care of yourself! It’s simple, but on the other hand it can be difficult if all you want to do is “numb” yourself to take away the pain. Believe me, numbing won’t work-in fact it makes the situation worse. When you numb with drugs, alcohol, sex, food, etc., it is only a temporary mask of the pain. And, if you do anything to the extreme, even something “healthy”, that is a problem as well. Here are a few of my ideas for self-care. You may have a few more!

• Exercise routinely: mild, moderate or vigorous. Start small and work up.
• Meditation/Yoga regularly: Actually, they change your brain.
• Eating a very healthy, balance diet free of processed foods.
• Adequate sleep: 8 hours.
• Connection with others, the right people who support you and care about you.
• Having fun & relaxaing.
• Trauma therapy and therapy: Many therapists don’t understand AB-PA, but they could be helpful to you, especially if they help you deal with the Complex PTSD of alienation.

***You may need to start with the Self-Care Step 1st in order to accomplish any of the other steps!

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