Katie is a wonderful listener, and also has the personal experience to “get it” when I have had issues arise that I need help with. She does a wonderful job of helping me formulate a plan with steps, is there to listen and respond to questions as I try to follow through with my children, and is an encourager, regardless of the outcome. She helps me keep realistic expectations, and helps me see small steps of progress that I might not have realized were actually steps forward. My face time sessions have been productive, and leave me feeling able and equipped to get through another week. She has helped me to recognize my strengths as a mom, and this has been affirming! My relationship with my youngest is the most hopeful, and has continued to progress in a positive and hopeful direction (overall… small steps forward, with steps backward, but then more steps forward). 
I highly recommend Katie! She understands the emotions and issues an alienated parent is facing. She brings both compassion and empathy to the table in working with her clients. She teaches and encourages the client to play a major role in the brainstorming of a plan/solution. Caroline

I think the biggest thing was it (coaching) allowed me to look at my situation differently and allowed me to let go of hurt and work toward positives and improving the situation. While the kids aren’t back I have hope they will be and know that I will know how to guide our relationship and let it flourish again.  Tina

Katie provides a free 30m session, and works hard to keep you focused on moving forward with healing and learning, even when you want to wallow in self-pity or complain about the insanity of how PA is affecting your life. Alexi